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America's Most Wanted
Studio Album by Akshun
Released December 7, 2008
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label Lunetz, Les200, BloodFire Recordz
Last album
This album America's Most Wanted
Next album ThugMinded Vol.1

Tracks[edit | edit source]

1. America's Most Wanted

2. Pussy (prod. Akshun)

3. MTL Anthem (prod. Akshun)

4. Ready For War

5. Murder Everybody

6. By My Side ft Goody 2 Shoes & LMS

7. Put That Down

8. Whut Up

9. Get Yo Ass Up

10. How I Came Up

11. In The Game

12. Murder Life

13. Neva Gon Get It

14. Summer In The Air

15. America's Most Wanted remix ft Bad News Brown & X-Cal

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