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Big Nickel Music
Parent company
Styles Hip-Hop, R&B
Country of origin Canada
Location Toronto, Ontario
Official Website Big Nickel Music site


Comprised of the core of brothers Mister Miller, Chezza, and Ronin, the three, hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, formed the Big Nickel Music Group label. Originally during their university years in Hartford Conneticut, Mister Miller (Dwight) and Chezza (Chez) joined with fellow musicians Sagacity, and Kemikal and began working the independent circuit south of the border.

Meanwhile, In Canada, Ronin (then known as C^Mil) cut his teeth rapping alongside his highschool friends, and once learned of his brother's collective, immediatedly threw his hat in with them. Currently, Chezza has relocated to Brampton, Ontario where he released a slew of mixtapes (B.O.S.S. Vol. 1 & 2, Iceburgh Society, Shut yo' Rasshole Vol.1) which resulted in the release of his debut album "Shut yo' Rasshole Vol. 2: Rass World Order". Ronin joined forces with his brother for the mixtape "Sibling Rivalry" along with releasing his mixtape "Exile Vol.1" leading to his soon-to-be debut album "Placebo".




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