Gangster Mafia Family
Also known as Rollin 60's Mafia Crips
Origin Lancaster, Texas
Current City Lancaster, Texas & Lawndale Illinoi
Styles Gangsta rap
Years active 2015-present
Associated acts Tweedy Bird Loc, Young Soldierz
Members [[Gangster Desciples (Crips), Insane Mafia Crips (Crips)

Gangster Mafia Family is a collaboration between Insane Mafia Crips & Gangster Desciples. The mafia crips are all united.


The Gangster Mafia Family consolidates many other crip gangs within itself. In fact, GMF consolidated 3 other crip gangs. The first to arrive were the "Gangster Mafia Crips", GMF itself. "Gangster Desciples", which consolidates 8 other crip gangs". And the "Insane Mafia Crips". The gang was founded by "Davion Carr nickname BK", and "Kenneth W. High nickname SK" The gang was created as protection for the small family around their highschool and to Sell and buy illegal norcodics around the school. They helped found the "Millbrook neighborhood Rollin 60's Crips", (NHR60C) within their neighborhood to gain primary territory. Doing this immediately made them enemies to the Neighborhood Bloods in the area. For the next few months, The Milbrook Crips were at war with their rivals. The Bloods had disappeared from the area entirely, or was found dead. Later on in Chicago, Illinoi, in Lawndale, GMF was founded by "Malik Smith" aka "King Yayo" with about 60 members tagging along where they would commit murder, robbery, and drug trafficking. GMF also created their own label, Santana Blocc Entertainment. BK & SK being the main rappers of the label at the time which is now disbanded.


Lil Kenn aka S-K (Gangster Mafia Family)-Dropped Out Montrae aka B-K (Gangster Mafia Family) Alive Blue Monster aka King D(Gangster Mafia Family) Alive Capo aka Rider-J (Insane Mafia Crip) Incarcirated Blu Bull aka Larry (Gangster Desciples) Alive Lil S-K aka Laa Kaiya (Gangster Desciples) Dropped Out Lil Tezz aka Tezzy (Insane Mafia Crips) Dropped Out Dre aka Young Drew (Gangster Desciples) Alive Young Leek aka malik (Gangsted Desciple) Dead Bizzy-P (GMC) Dead Tyshee aka Queen TyTy (GMC) Alive Q aka loco-loc (GMC) alive Tuni (IMC) Alive Derrick aka bluu (gangster mafia crips) incarcirated Jojo aka almighty jo (nbk) Hakeem aka crazy H (nbk) incarcirated



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