Founded 1985
Founded by Beauvoir Jean
Years active 1985-present
Colors Red
Ethnicity Mostly Haitians
Criminal activities Prostitution, Drug Dealing, Attempted Murder
Allies Bloods, Uptown Posse, Bo-Gars
Rivals Crack Down Posse, 67's


Les Bo-Gars (or The Handsome Boys in English) are a predominately Afro-Canadian street gang that originated in the Montreal-North neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early 1990's but then later expanded to the Rivière-Des-Prairies [1] (R.D.P) district by the year 2000. The Bo-Gars began as an offshoot of a defunct gang called the Master B that emerged from Montreal-North in 1985 and was founded by Beauvoir Jean. At the time of its conception, the Bo-Gars consisted of mainly young Haitian immigrants who operated prostitution rings and working as satellite drug distribution groups for more prominent adult criminal organizations in the city. This gang is believed to be the first in Montreal to claim allegiance to the Bloods, in defiance of its sworn enemmy (the Crack Down Posse) claiming allegiance to the Crips. When the Syndicate gang began to flex its muscle in Montreal-North's predominantly black neighbourhoods for the Hell's Angels, some local dealers took offence that the Syndicate was working under a white biker club and refused to do business with them. This animosity soon mushroomed into violent confrontations between the two groups, resulting in the birth of the Bo-Gars. In the fall of 2001, the police's Morality, Alcohol and Narcotics squad began "Opération Journal," an investigation into a rash of firearm thefts blamed on the Bo-Gars. In June 2002, the police arrested the alleged head of the Bo-Gars, Chénier Dupuy, and eight others whom they say made up the "hard core" of the gang's leadership. Despite this, the opportunities presented by the weakening of the Hell's Angels in Montreal have encouraged the Bo-Gars to relax the requirements of group membership and to expand their regions of influence. Their rivals include the Crack Down Posse, the 67's, the Syndicate and the Hell's Angels. Today this gang has about 30-40 members of various backgrounds, all of whom are either teenagers or young adults.




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