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The Brims, are one of the first Blood street gangs, they’re Bloods which they refer to themselves as “Damus” with other gangs such as the Bloods (the gang), Pirus, & Black P. Stones. They wear the color Red & Burgundy. And their rivals which are gangs under the Crip Alliance refer to themselves as “Kiwes” and they wear the color Blue. But The Brims are no longer hat since the Crips decided to call a set Hat Gang Watts Crips.

Brims/Blood Alliance Ranks[]

(These ranks don't determine leadership they just determine how long a members has been representing the gang)

  • L.G. (Little Gangster) - members ages 8-12
  • L.Y.G. (Little Young Gangster) - members ages 13-17
  • Y.G. (Young Gangster) - after 0 active years of banging after the age of 18
  • O.Y.G. (Original Young Gangster) - after 5 active years of banging after the age of 18
  • O.G. (Original Gangster) - after 10 active years of banging
  • O.O.G. (Double O.G.) - after 20 active years of banging
  • O.O.O.G. (Tripple O.G.) - after 30 active years of banging

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