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FBG Duck was a member of the rap group known as “Fly Boy Gang”, which is often abbreviated as ‘FBG’. The majority of Fly Boy Gang members are part of the Gangster Disciples gang from the faction that used to be known as the St. Lawrence Boys, which now goes by the name of Tooka gang.

He was friends with Tooka who was shot and killed at a bus stop in 2011 by a unknown Assassin. He is also friends with rooga, Billionaire black, wooski,and Ki the Assassin who was fatally shot by king von the alleged shooter and other oblock members named by the fbi on April 11,2014 while going to a house party. she had killed over dozens of rival members of the black disciples and feuding with king von before her death.


FBG Duck was beefing with numerous rap artists including those in Glory Boyz Entetainment (GBE). Chief Keef, the leader of GBE, dissed Tooka gang in multiple songs. In retaliation, FBG Duck and other Fly Boy Gang members made their own songs dissing Chief Keef and other BDs.

FBG Duck also had an ongoing feud with Edai, a fellow rapper from Chicago. FBG Duck did a song with Lil Jay titled “Who the F*ck is Dude”, an Edai diss. Edai apparently tweeted about FBG Duck getting stabbed, and Duck didn’t find the tweet too amusing. He threatened to harm Edai if he saw him. FBG Duck also had feuds with the late rival black disciples member King Von months before his death in November 2020 in songs and online.

Stabbing Incident[]

FBG Duck was stabbed by his girlfriend. In the video for “Who the F*ck is Dude” FBG Duck shows his stabbing wound, which runs down his whole stomach.


On August 4, 2020 FBG Duck was killed by four people who emerged from two cars and shot him while he was shopping in Chicago. He sustained over thirty eight gunshots wounds to his neck and chest which severally wounding him. He tried to retaliate, but his gun jammed and was shot by the masked gunmen. Videos started to come on social media of duck laying face down and lifeless besides a injured woman Who was shot in the hand and other man who was believed to be a fan shot and injured. Police came to the scene and seemingly did not help give pressure to duck until the ambulance came and transported him to northwestern hospital. A hour later after the first surgery He was pronounced dead at 5:06 pm and police reported after it was announced. No suspects have been arrested as of 2020, but the motive for his death was mocking a rival gang member who was deceased. It Is believed that O’Block members might are been behind the hit. 6 months after his death his friend BCR Meezie was shot and killed. As of 2021 it been confirmed that weekly murder case is being reviewed by federal police.

It was reported on October 13,2021 Chicago police department announced that five suspects were arrested in connection with the August 4,2020 murder of FBG Duck. The suspects were part of the notorious oblock gang including Fellow rapper muwop and c thang charged with racketeering and his murder.

New details has emerged that a gang member from oblock purchased a Vehicle two days before the fatal shooting. Surveillance video captured the vehicle traveling on oak street to where they spotted weekly in a crowded street. Two gunmen then came out the vehicle and shot weekly multiple times and injuring two others before speeding from the scene.



  • Big Clout
  • This How I'm Coming I
  • This How I'm Coming II
  • This How I'm Coming III
  • Look at Me 2


  • Slide
  • Exposing Me Remix
  • Dead Bitches
  • On Dat Car
  • Chicago Legends
  • Eat Freestyle
  • Gang Anthem
  • Woo Shit
  • Let's Talk
  • Scared Of Who
  • Mama's House
  • Right Now
  • Freestyle

Music Videos[]

YouTube: CloutBoyz Approved

YouTube: FBG Duck

  • Chicago legends(2019)
  • Slide(2018)
  • Exposing me remix
  • Dead bi***es(2020)
  • Im from 63rd(2020)
  • Eat freestyle(2020)
  • King Von Diss

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