Flash Is Back
Studio Album by Grandmaster Flash (dj)
Released 1998
Genre/Style Old school hip-hop
Length 60:51
Label Marlboro Music
Producer(s) Arthur Baker
Last album Salsoul Jam 2000
This album
Next album The Official Adventures of Grandmaster Flash

Flash Is Back is the sixth studio album released in 1998 by Grandmaster Flash. The music was co-written with Arthur Baker with Flash writing all the lyrics. It was his first studio release since On the Strength in 1988 and his first solo album since Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang in 1987. He would not release another studio album until The Bridge (Concept of a Culture) in 2009.

It was released on Marlboro Music (a small record label owned by the famous cigarette company) in Germany only and was distributed by BMG. A double vinyl LP and a CD version were issued. No singles were released from the album.

Track listingEdit

1. "Groove To Get Down" - 4:14

2. "Gotta Get Busy" - 4:53

3. "Whatever the Hell it's Working" - 5:20

4. "This is the Way" - 4:30

5. "Sex on the Scratch" - 4:53

6. "Coolcuts" - 4:55

7. "Let's Have Some Action" - 2:56

8. "Brothers be Fronting" - 2:55

9. "Flashes Theme" - 3:51

10. "Little Bit of Flash" (Midfield General Skint Mix) - 8:04

11. "Flash is Back" (Danielson For Skint Mix) - 5:27




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