Gangsta Shit For Breakfast (hosted by DJ D@X)
Mixtape by Snagga Shee
Mixtape hosted by DJ DAX
Released 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre/Style Canadian hip-hop, Gangsta rap
Producer(s) Lil' Drew, Track Monstrers
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This album Gangsta Shit For Breakfast
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1. Intro Dj Dax

2. Relaxe

3. Money On My mind

4. We Flaggin

5. Chitty Bloody

6. Da Come Up

7. I'm Cool (Prod. Track Monsters)

8. Imma Do Me (rmx) ft DPC

9. Dey Know FT Donmillion

10. Bloods & Crips ft Gundei

11. Internatinal Husters ft Lil' Bama

12. Reppin Real City

13. Money In This Game ft Lil' Burn

14. Skid Mad lynx

15. 67 Money ft Monalisa, Jason X, Ricardo, Le Voyou, Le Cid

16. Colors Album Coming Soon By Sphynx

17. Q (Prod. Track Monstrers)

18. Malicious & Young Snag Freestyle

19. M'Ap Fè Kob Ave'w

20. Take Money ft J.B.

21. Gangster Shit ft Life

22. Outro

Bonus tracks

23. Gangsta Kompa (bonus track)

24. By My Own (bonus track)

25. Swagger Like Us (bonus track)


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