Biography of Angela K Brown Edit

Angela Brown, born 1969, was born with a learning disability. She found her voice through writing poetry despite the barriers of having paranoid schizophrenia. She found her purpose in writing as a cultural activist advocating love and peace through her lines of poetry. Angela was born in Meridian, Mississippi and is a native to Las Vegas, Nevada. She wrote poems, Black mamma-faces, that spoke for the generation of peers spoken with conviction for the environment that she lived in. She also wrote protest poems of disillusion questioning public policies of America in her book, America. She regenerated her love for rap music and the lyrical poem in her book, Poems. The audio release of her poem, Alone, she illustrates an image of her mentally ill state of mind. Angela recited a poem for the Cultural Arts Center and the College of Southern Nevada literary journal. Angela was inducted into Who’s Who in Literature. She was given the title of Inspiring Youth Award. She was involved with the Pulitzer Remix and literary mentor project. Her book title, Floe’try was selected for the Writer’s Digest book award. Angela was a poet, a lyricist, an essayist and activist. She earned her highest honors when she became a graduate at the University of Berkley Doctorate of Philosophy in English Literature and Creative Writing degree in 2017.

Angela K Brown's Works:

Angela Brown is the author of Fences, I Rise, Coffee, Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Butterfly, Love, African American Diaspora, Poetry Collection, Insolvency, The Cost of Sugar, Black Ink, Why Write, Salt, Poem Art, Floe'try, Black Voice, Black Poet, I Believe, Anna's Conscience, A Walk Together, Dance 6, Spotlight, Work Up 1,2 and 3, If I Must Die, Testamony, Embrace, Black Crow, The Shades of Seasons, Black Daisey, Gangster, Entonement, Unsung Words, Modern Poetry, Urban Poetry Movement, Short Fiction, Broken, Passion, Love, To Burn a Candle, Blue, Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Coffee, Unsung Words,

Angela Khristin Brown book titles: Poems, Poetry, Love, African American Diaspora, Emerge, Spotlight, Salt,411, Say it Loud, Black Butterfly, Poetry Collection, Floetry, Black Voice, Black Poet, Black Crow, Urban Poetry Movement, Passion, Blue, True, Peace, Alone, Burning the Candle, Rejoice, Fences, I am not your Negro, Poetic Justice, Word Up I, II, II, and IV, Unsung Words, A Walk Together, I am Somebody, Diary Confessions, Gangster, Atonement, Anna's Conscience, Shades of Seasons, A Walk to Remember

New Poems Edit

* Nerd * Walk On Water * I Miss You * Please Stay * Colors * Sacrafice * Apology * Issues * Poetry Writer * Poetess * Alone * Black Momma-Faces

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