Le Chum
Le Chum
Also known as Le Chummy
Birth date
Birth name
Origin Montreal, Quebec
Current City Montreal
Styles Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Québécois, Crunk
Occupation(s) Rapper, CEO, Record producer
Years active
Label(s) Le Chum Productions, Star Status Records, BBT Wreck-Hurdz
Associated acts Sa Majesté Lintrus, Ruby, Big Nomad, Big Nomad, Ruffneck, Buzzy Bwoy
Website Official site


Talented young singer and producer, Le Chum is the founder and mastermind of Le Chum Productions studio. He worked several years in the shadows and finally, in 2005, he managed to stand out with its first independent album: Des Yeux Derrière La Tête.

This artist, through his innovative musical style, unique and most accessible, has recently attracted the attention of several stars of the industry of hip-hop Quebecois. Accompanied by more than a dozen artists, each more imaginative than each other, Le Chum surprise you: the beginning of each season, it will offer several new productions that will appeal to all tastes.

With an unparalleled charisma and presence of abundant energy, Le Chum never ceases to amaze his audience with each new project he undertakes.




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