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Mitchy Slick
Also known as Tha Slicksta
Birth date December 29, 1974
Birth name Charles Mitchell
Origin San Diego
Current City San Diego
Styles Rap, Hip-Hop, Gangsta rap
Occupation(s) Rapper, Record producer, CEO
Years active
Label(s) Wrongkind Records, Blacksmith Records
Associated acts Messy Marv, Strong Arm Steady, Young De

Mitchy Slick is an American rapper from Lincoln Park neighborhood in the community of Southeast San Diego. He is a member of the group Strong Arm Steady, along with rappers Phil Da Agony and Krondon. He performs solo with three albums already released in addition to many collaborations. Mitchy Slick is CEO of Wrongkind Records.


Slick grew up in Lincoln Park, a neighborhood in the community of Southeast San Diego. He lived briefly in West London, and had attended college at Brunel University in Uxbridge, London.


Slick's first solo album, released in 2001, is titled Triggeration Station. This album peaked at #768 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart during the week of November 3, 1997. Slick was featured with Strong Arm Steady on Xzibit's2004 album Weapons of Mass Destruction. Since then Slick has released three more solo albums, Strong Arm Steady's 2007 debut album Deep Hearted, and a collaborative album with Bay Area rapper Messy Marv titled Messy Slick which charted on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart during the week Of July 14, 2007. He is currently working with Strong Arm Steady on the release of their next album titled Arms & Hammers, as well as his own next solo effort titled 48 Hours on Gang Street. Slick is CEO of Wrongkind Records, based in Southeast San Diego, and is also signed with Talib Kweli's Blacksmith Recordslabel with Strong Arm Steady. Slick was also featured in Jay Rock's single "Paid My Dues". He was also featured in "Blood Niggaz" by Menace ft Lil Wayne


Solo albumsEdit

  • Trigeration Station (2001)
  • XXL Guns Vol. 1: Killafornia Handgunner (2003)
  • XXL Guns Vol. 2: Guns & Ammo (2003)
  • XXL Guns Vol. 3: Killafornia Handgunner (2004)
  • Mitchy Duz It (2005)
  • Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (with DJ Birdy Bird) (2005)
  • Cali Untouchable Radio 13: Dago Edition (2006)
  • Urban Survival Syndrome (2006)
  • XXL Guns Vol. 4 (2009)
  • Yellow Tape (2010)

Group albumsEdit

  • Strong Arm Robbery (with Damu) (2005)
  • Strong Arm Robbery Vol. 2 (with Damu and Tiny Doo) (2005)
  • Messy Slick (with Messy Marv) (2007)
  • Deep Hearted (with Strong Arm Steady) (2007)
  • Arms And Hammers (with Strong Arm Steady) (2011)

Appears onEdit

  • Xzibit - Weapons of Mass Destruction (2004)
  • Talib Kweli - Eardrum (2007)
  • Young De & Cashis - Homeland Security (2008)
  • The Jacka - Tear Gas (2009)
  • J-Diggs - ...Da Bad... (2009)
  • Paul Wall - Heart of a Champion (2010)
  • Cashis - The Vault (2011)


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