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Mtl: More Than Lyrics 2
Mixtape by
Mixtape hosted by Biggy Jiggy
Released Febuary 1, 2008
Genre/Style Hip-Hop, Underground hip-hop, Canadian hip-hop
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Track listings[]

1. Snagga Shee - Talk About It (Feat. JR Writer)

2. Mugz - I Got Ya

3. Xpress - Til' I Die

4. Bog'dizzy - Legend In The Making (Feat. Swift KID)

5. Swift KID - Freestyle

6. The Mixtape Deal (Skit)

7. Zer1 We Be Getting It (Remix) (Feat. Doug St-Louis)

8. Bilo Da Kid - I Got Mine (Feat. Tuffy, Stoney Starr)

9. Bilo Da Kid - Cana-D-A

10. Bilo Da Kid - Don't Hate The Game, Hate Me (Feat. Big Dee)

11. Mezziah - We Taking Over (Remix)

12. Snagga Shee - Wine Ma (Feat. J-Ron)

13. Mezziah - Crank That (Remix)

14. FB - This Is Me (Feat. Asterix)

15. Carl Henry - Little Mama (Remix) (Feat. JR Writer)


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