Also known as Le 11
Birth date
Birth name
Origin Anjou, Montreal
Current City Montreal
Styles Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Québécois
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active
Associated acts OTT, Fennec, Silk-E, KM-16, M-79, Magunik, Inox


Onzo rapping since 2001. He joined M-79 which later became the ADNcrew. He then formed the group Magunik with Inox Streetwalker Laskar in early 2006 and then leave at the end of that year. Members of the group accused him to take up too much space. He begins a solo career in early 2007, age 18 years. Having gained extensive experience and contacts over the years, we can not say he left with empty pockets. His flow begins to find its true nature, his lyrics are becoming more elaborate and style to forge its own identity.

11, lives in eastern Montréall, specifically in Anjou. In spring 2007, his cousin Fennec him this Koloss, a group member GloBall. The latter shall submit the other 2 members, two brothers and Neverset DJON. After several meetings, Onzo gradually became a member of this promising young team. During that time things did not go so well the next school ... After leaving the pure and applied sciences at CEGEP Maisonneuve for the Administration, he drops everything. He has too much head elsewhere. Bearing in mind too many words and the heart too much anger out, it applies to the Recording Institute of Canada (Recording Arts of Canada) and its request is accepted. It begins in early September 07 and ends in late August 08. His technique in sound and music recording allows it to discover the real Bizness and real sides of music.

On November 11, 2009 his first solo project was born, the mixtape Pensées profondes. The CD is printed in 200 copies, but with the 2 videos released for this record,Pensées profondesand Si vite arrivé, the message is pretty clear he is here to stay. Featurings with 7 out of 11 pieces, it is easy to understand that ammene with him a young, talented and promising.

He is currently preparing a mixtape in collaboration with the OTT GoldBizz and that of product Fennec".


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