Best Rapper on the Scene
The Best Rapper on the Scene
Studio album by Kurtis Blow (rapper)
Released 1983
Genre/Style Old school hip-hop
Length 51:54
Label Mercury
Last album Party Time? (Kurtis Blow ep album)
This album The Best Rapper on the Scene (Kurtis Blow album)
Next album Ego Trip (Kurtis Blow album)

The Best Rapper on the Scene is a studio album by rapper Kurtis Blow, released in 1983 on Mercury Records. The entire album consisted of material from his EP Party Time? and his 1982 album Tough. Even though none of the material is new, the album was marketed as an album (This may have been because Tough was initially classified as an EP). Even the artwork is not completely original, as the picture of Blow was taken from the front cover of Tough.

Track listingEdit

All songs were written by James B. Moore

1. "Party Timeb

2. "Big Time Hood"b

3. "Got to Dance"b 4:17

4. "One-Two-Five (Main Street, Harlem, USA)"b

5. "Tough"a 5:50

6. "Juice"a 6:15

7. "Boogie Blues"a 5:26

8. "Baby You've Got to Go"a 3:12

a- Indicates material from Tough. b- Indicates material from Party Time?





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