The Sneak Attack
Studio Album by KRS-One (rapper)
Released March 27, 2001
Recorded 2000-2001
Genre/Style Hip-hop
Length 57:50
Label Koch Records
Producer(s) KRS-One, Mad Lion, Jazzy Jeff, Fredwreck, Kenny Parker, Domingo, Grand Daddy I.U., BJ Wheeler
Last album A Retrospective (KRS-One album)
This album The Sneak Attack (KRS-One album)
Next album Spiritual Minded (KRS-One album)

The Sneak Attack is rapper KRS-One's fourth solo hip hop album. It was released in March 2001. This was his first released on Koch Records. The track "B-Side (Intro)" actually opens side "C" of the vinyl edition, although the intro was probably intended for the b-side of a cassette tape. The song Hush was a track on the video game Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3.

Track listingEdit

# Title Producer(s) Performer(s)
1 "Intro" KRS-One Harold English
2 "Ghetto Lifestyles" Kenny Parker KRS-One
3 "Attendance" KRS-One KRS-One
4 "Hot" Grand Daddy I.U., Jazzy Jeff KRS-One
5 "Why" KRS-One KRS-One, Nyce
6 "Doth Thou Know" KRS-One *Interlude*
7 "The Lessin" Kenny Parker April S. Williams, KRS-One
8 "The Mind" KRS-One KRS-One
9 "HipHop Knowledge" Domingo KRS-One
10 "What Kinda World" Domingo KRS-One
11 "I Will Make It" Kenny Parker Hezekiah Walker Choir, KRS-One
12 "B-Side (Intro)" KRS-One *Interlude*
13 "Get Your Self Up" KRS-One KRS-One
14 "Krush Them" Domingo KRS-One
15 "Hush" BJ Wheeler KRS-One, Nyce
16 "The Sneak Attack" Kenny Parker April S. Williams, KRS-One
17 "Shutupayouface" Fredwreck (producer) KRS-One
18 "False Pride" KRS-One KRS-One
19 "The Raptizm" Mad Lion (rapper) Hezekiah Walker Choir, KRS-One

Album singlesEdit

Single information
"The Mind"
  • Released: July 31, 2001
  • B-side: "Ghetto Lifestyles"
"Get Your Self Up (Remix)"
  • Released: August 14, 2001
  • B-side: "The MC", "Word Perfect"
  • Released: 2001
  • B-side: "Get Yourself Up"


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